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Unstable permanence (Permanencia Inestable)

(In show “Efímero y Permanente”, Bogotá, Colombia, 2010) (Interactive Installation)
Installation with table drawings. Part of it is intervened by the viewers. The installations has a few tables, similar to the tables at a café. The viewers are invited to participate by making their own table drawings, with materials provided by Kravetz, in a participative table, open to the participation of the viewers throughout the exhibition. Playing with the concepts of ephemeral and permanent, Kravetz creates his table drawings in some of the tables, in front of the viewers, and, some of them are covered with a glass and thus immobilized.

Breakfast (Desayuno)

(In the exhibition “The artist’s house” (La casa del artista, Río Gallegos, 2009)
Table installation. Wood, ceramics, grass, fabric and table drawing.

La mesa del bar (The bar table)

(Showed in exhibition “Itinerarios Urbanos” (Urban Itineraries), Mexico City, 2006) (An interactive installation)
The installation was part of the exhibition “Itinerarios Urbanos”, which also contained paintings and digital graphic prints. It consisted in a table, the kind you find in cafés or bars, with table drawings by Kravetz, which were changed periodically during the show. The visitors were invited to participate, modifying the existing drawing and creating their own table drawings, with the material provided by the artist.

Mesa de Bar Mesa de Bar Mesa de Bar
Mesa de Bar Mesa de Bar Mesa de Bar
Mesa de Bar Mesa de Bar Mesa de Bar

El lugar del Vacio (The site of void)

(Showed in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 1995)
A pictorial installation, an over 50 m tour in a narrow painted corridor, in shadows. The sensation of strangeness for the visitor was due to the perception of something painted, that can not be distinguished. In some parts of the route, a part of the corridor is lit, and that “something painted” becomes actually painting, ready to be appreciated. Until the visitor arrives to “the site of void”, a white space where the instructions to the viewer are to contact with “your own, inner void”.

Tiempos Instalados (Installed times)

(Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 1988)
A huge multi-media installation , born of the collaboration of Kravetz with philosopher Annabel Lee Teles. It took different aspects on the subject of time. It had music by composer Pedro Aznar. The tour included the following spaces: “Temporal networks”, “Archaeological remains of the end of the Century” (objects), “The immaculate conception”, “Re-visited myths”, “The fight of the times”, “Art and Luxury” and “The time-space machine”.

“Redes temporales / Restos arqueológicos de este fin de siglo” “Redes temporales / Restos arqueológicos de este fin de siglo”  
Tiempos Instalados Tiempos Instalados  
Tiempos Instalados Tiempos Instalados Tiempos Instalados


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