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Rosa María Ravera

Presidenta de la Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes. Presidenta de la Asociación Argentina de Estética. Vice-Presidenta de la Asociación Argentina de Críticos de Arte (AICA).

(...). An artist aware and sensitive to everyday requirements, Kravetz firmly believes in what is given, but he keeps it in relation with what cannot be made present.

(...) through the art the idea is to see, and not only see but read, interpret, testify. It is painting that wants to attain a general perspective of the world, to say what he thinks of contemporaneity, of tradition, civilization and religion as well. Or, to put it better, of that feeling of the immeasurable that has been haunting man for millenniums. He confesses "my pagan spirituality".

(...) we would like to know the world, but we agree - and Kravetz accepts it - that such knowledge is fallible. And that the world is a clipping. Somebody said that mystic is the feeling of the world as a limited whole. That idea can be felt in his canvases. The images show clippings, edges that are limits, frequently adorned with precious tiny ornaments, and always with something undefined beyond (...)

(...) A production that, being required by many interests, vitally diversifies the lines of work. There are temptations coming from sacred mountains, drawing the horizon of original spaces, source of races an rituals. The expressive possibilities selected, of different origin and visual treatment, refer to very synthetic subject units, of great symbolic capacity. Starting a process of multi-meaning, totally open, the recent works repeats a kind of little center: maybe an egg, an oval, also a basket, a cradle, that of Moses, in the shores of the Nile. A system of transformation comes up in which this form-matrix can also mean the primitive axe, the sarcophagus, both the beginning of life or its end, always with meanings motivated by the heritages on which our culture is founded. A tenacious attempt to apprehend something of the much that evades, something to which this artistic practice keeps a hidden loyalty.



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