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Ori Z. Soltes

Director of B'nai Brith Klutznick National Jewish Museum, Washington D.C. The presentation essay of show "Labyreinths of myth and history: 3 artists from Argentina", 1997

Kravetz' work also recalls hieroglyphs, particularly in his use of letters and words, in Spanish and Hebrew, that, interwoven with images, become one with them. (...)

In this Borgesian world of indistinguishability between dreaming and being awake, (...)-we await the Moses who will lead us forth somehow. Kravetz dreams him for us, in a self-transforming labyrinth, a changing web of interwoven angles and depths and lyrical curves. Moses is ensconced in a triptych that ascends and descends, from basket and web to the desert to the water-he returns to where we all begin, float-ing just above the leafless vegetation at the bottom of the placental riverbed. He is enveloped in the colors and swaddling cloths of an Andean babe in arms, transported wherever his mother goes. Iconic and glowing within a golden starburst, he soars above the desert landscape of our waking, material desires.

Within the watery womb of our dream, he has come down from the mountain to the canvas wall and out of the dream into the gallery space.

He will lead us to the Promised Land of fulfilled dreams, away from the Mundo en Llamas (World in flames), (not on display in the current exhibit), overrun with the bi-lingual (Spanish and Hebrew) inscriptions of the artist who lives between worlds (...)and whose overseeing eye we see speaking as much as seeing (texting as much as imaging), about the coldness that dominates too much of our world. But also about the hope for its transformation warmth and renewed life. It is a world of labyrinths and dreams, of mazes and nightmares, where no moment precisely resembles any other, yet all moments have in common the human being at their centers-where everything is, appears but everything remains. (...)



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